The Ultimate NFT Experience

The Ultimate NFT Experience - SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT 2021 - Join the waitlist for 2022

We are blending the world’s hottest technology with the world’s hottest spirit to create the Australian Agave NFT.

Price: $11,000AUD incl GST

In addition to your exclusive insider access via our members only dashboard and your personalised Australian Agave spirit, NFT owners will have access to:

  • A Bespoke hand-blown glass decanter filled with the very first spirit distilled in the project by top Australian artist Mark Douglass
  • Minimum 35 litres of spirit, including a 10 litre barrel for maturation
  • Personalised tour of our Eden Lassie Farm
  • Invitations to private events
  • Samples or tastings of the Australian Agave Project spirit
  • Exclusive invitation to the Australian Agave brand launch
  • Master distiller classes
  • Exclusive Agave Project updates with Trent Fraser
  • A multi-generational option allowing you the first rights to purchase the pups from your existing plants

Leveraging blockchain and token technology, this is the most sophisticated technology available today for managing contracts digitally. Additionally, the use of this technology enables the simple transfer of the rights associated with each NFT to others via sale on any relevant NFT marketplace.

Your NFT provides you with the ultimate premium membership of this one-of-a-kind Australian project, carefully curating your own bespoke Australian spirit.

Through your token, you will be allocated 10 plants from our Eden Lassie Farm and the rights to the handmade micro distilled spirit from those plants.

Upon purchase of your NFT, you will be able to select from one of four prized agave fields on the farm for the 10 plants to be grown in – each with their own unique characteristics.

Each batch of 10 plants will be entirely bespoke, hand-made and distilled in a single small batch, making it one of the rarest artisanal spirits in the world, delivering uniqueness to every bottle.

This exclusive experience gives NFT owners a rare chance to be a part of history and participate in a pioneering agricultural project, beyond the exceptional spirit that will be distilled.

Members will also be able to keep updated with the growth and progress of their plants through exclusive behind the scenes access and updates from the farm.

This will be an extremely limited, highly customised opportunity – with only 100 tokens to be minted in the first year.

Find out further information on the Australian Agave Project here and further information on the spirit profile can be found here.