Australian Agave Spirit

Spirit profile

Like the world’s best wines, agave spirit showcases the unique character of the location and the seasons in which it grows in the final spirit.

Agave is also unique among spirits as it is a single harvest not a crop, therefore the entire plant gives it life for the spirit creation. This means that each small batch distillation can never be repeated.

Each batch of 10 plants will be entirely bespoke, hand-made and distilled in a single small batch, making it one of the most exclusive artisanal spirits in the world.

This puts art and science at the heart of our project. We take the gift from the agave harvest and preserve that character from the farm to the bottle.

We have been distilling and researching how Australian agave tastes since 2019. Trying and testing multiple permutations of cooking, fermentation, and distillation.

From low and slow to fast and furious we have explored, challenged, tested and tasted what Australian agave spirit can achieve in a single batch with flavour always being our guiding principle.

Our agave spirit will present flavours of honey and lime peel, fresh herbaceous mid palate with cut grass and a clean finish of limestone and lime.

To enjoy the full potential of your single bespoke production, we bottle both your spirit as a blanco, and provide you with a personal 10lt oak barrel for maturing your spirit, which we will monitor to achieve the perfect balance of agave flavours and oak before we bottle it for you as an aged expression.

Your spirit will deliver a truly regional, expressive and distinctive profile that exemplifies the very best of Australian terroir and be exclusive to only you.