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The Traditionalists (SOLD OUT)

This selection of plants is unique at Eden Lassie, a genuine limited edition. Before the Kalamia site was finalised, the premier pups were collected and transported to Eden Lassie. They were transplanted on a classic Whitsundays winter day at one of the most picturesque locations on the property. Nestled between Eden Lassie Creek and the Dam, they take pride of place in an area which features an abundance of wildlife. While the remainder of the 2020 plantings originated from bulbils or tissue culture, these plants are a nod to the traditional methods of agave production seen in its homeland and have thrived on a touch of special care and attention.

360 degree View of the Traditionalists plot

The Trailblazers (SOLD OUT)

This field is where the new agave era began at Eden Lassie. 'The Trailblazers' were the first agave seedlings planted at the farm and spearhead our story, having begun life as bulbils collected from the Kalamia site. The summer heat and wet season rainfall provided ideal conditions for these plants to establish and they haven't looked back. While the world has been in a state of turmoil, these plants have lapped up whatever the environment has thrown at them, calmly paving the way for all that has followed, much like those who have gone before us. These Trailblazers have a steely determination about them that encapsulates the pioneering spirit of the Australian Agave Project.

360 degree View of the Trailblazers plot

The Showstoppers (SOLD OUT)

These selections of agave have thrived on being the centre of attention. Located in the shed block at the main entrance to the farm, these plants have been big and bold head-turners from the day they were planted. These ‘showstoppers of Eden Lassie’ are the most photographed on the farm, being located in a prime position with the mountain range in the background to the south, always featuring in snapshots of sunsets at the farm.

360 degree View of the Showstoppers plot

The Mystiques (SOLD OUT)

There is so much more to these enigmatic agave than meets the eye and the more we work with them the more we are amazed. These selections have always had an aura and an underlying element of mystique and intrigue about them. A combination of celestial influences and terrestrial minutiae have produced these majestic plants and with it a conundrum to solve. Why have these plants grown differently to those around them? All will be revealed to those who secure these selections, but in the meantime why not try solve the puzzle. A clue to get you going: WAM #6 in the baroque key of glory.

360 degree View of the Mystiques plot